11 Million is TOO Many!

Do you have people, like a child or a spouse, who depend on your income?

Then, it’s a no-brainer. If you don’t have sufficient assets or savings, you NEED life insurance. However, there are about 11 million households (with minor children) that don’t have life insurance.  And many that do have it, don’t have enough coverage.

Since the recession, life sales have been steadily declining. Many families state that they can not afford life insurance. But why?

Term life insurance premiums are at a fifty-year low. What does that mean? More coverage for less money; and your family is protected from financial ruin in the event the breadwinner dies while others are still counting on his income.

Life insurance should be an intricate part of a family’s financial picture. And thanks to the low-cost of term insurance, families can afford it–because they can’t afford to be without it.


About Admin

Erika C. Harris, founder and owner of ECHolman Group, started selling insurance as a way to supplement her income as a classroom teacher. As time passed, she noticed how uninformed/misinformed consumers were about insurance and the vital role it plays in financial security. Being passionate about both, education and money management, she decided to pursue a full-time career in financial services, with the sole purpose of teaching clients how to take control of their finances. Over time, the her agency started teaching about the role of insurance, as well as other tools- such as real estate and business ownership- as an integral part of a financial plan. Understanding how important a business is to a family’s livelihood (be it their own or their employees’), she decided to take the next step. Her agency (along with a network of partners) educate business owners on how to successfully operate their businesses and they educate consumers on how to use insurance along with real estate and business ownership as tools for building wealth.

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